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What are Run Friendly Products?

Since our Run Friendly platform believes in living an active and healthy lifestyle and our goal is to create a Run-friendly eco-system by connecting services and products for the healthy lifestyle oriented community, we are proud to present all of our products.

Run Friendly products share and represent a fast growing community of active individuals who nourish their health and life in general. They are perfect symbols of obtaining a better quality of life.

Bee Run

Whether you are a beginner or a marathon runner, a casual athlete, or your sport is a life-long religion, nutritional supplements are an essential part of every athlete’s diet and preparation. The specialty of the Bee Run product is that it gives all athletes a completely natural strength and endurance.

This means that you will be able to consume it on a daily basis without fear of negative side effects, with an extremely strong and positive health and fitness effect. Bee Run nutritional supplements are made from bee substances: propolis, well pollen, royal jelly, with the addition of vegetable and mineral substances and vitamins.



Gheek is a great source of energy and as such a favorite choice of runners before or after a run. In combination with coffee, it prolongs and stabilizes the effect of caffeine while also giving it a fine foamy texture. Its functionality has been recognized by the Run Friendly community and is thus a Gheek Run Friendly certified product.

Gheek Original is a delicious blend of organic virgin coconut oil and organic ghee purified butter. Nothing more.