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Poslovna inteligencija

As the first Run Friendly Employer in the World, Poslovna Inteligencija has joined the selected group of running ambassadors, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since they have proven to be a company that cultivates the culture of running and healthy lifestyle. Their team members have successfully participated at B2B races, Ironman Triathlon, and at similar competitions. In addition, through their HR programs and policies, they actively promote the balance of private and business life of their employees, paying special attention to healthy food, sports activities and reducing stress at the workplace. Poslovna Inteligencija also offers various benefits such as days off for the race, the possibility of preparing healthy meals at work and organized performances on racing competitions.

“Our company encourages employees in all fields as well as in their sports achievements, and the recognition coming with the Run-friendly certificate proves that employees have also recognized the benefits of participating in the sports activities that their company provides.“

Dražen Oreščanin, CEO of Business Intelligence, who is active in running, cycling and competing at duathlons.

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