Gheek is a great source of energy and as such a favorite choice of runners before or after a run. In combination with coffee, it prolongs and stabilizes the effect of caffeine while also giving it a fine foamy texture. Its functionality has been recognized by the Run Friendly community and is thus a Run Friendly certified product.

Gheek Original is a delicious blend of organic virgin coconut oil and organic ghee purified butter. Nothing more.

  • Zero Carbohydrates – Perfect for Keto, Paleo and LCHF diets

  • No palm oil, no added sugars

  • We guarantee a refund if you are not satisfied with Gheek

  • Packed in suitable bags for use on the go

  • The ingredients contain vitamins A, E, K2, MCT, omega-3, omega-6

  • Perfect for mixing with coffee

  • Great for cooking


Or what smart fats bring to our table or cup

  • Increases energy and focus

  • Suppresses hunger

  • Helps you discard sugar

  • Burns fat

  • Gives better texture

  • Supports heart health