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Why running?

Running is a social phenomenon saturated with positive energy that connects people and helping us to overcome barriers. Running is all about accomplishment! And accomplishments, minor and major alike, make us feel good. This is why running is a viral trigger that has a potential to instigate social, economic and image changes. It is a guarantee of an unstoppable growth – the way runners are unstoppable.

Our Goal

To create a Run-friendly eco-system by connecting services and products for the healthy lifestyle oriented community.

How did we get here?

Less than 3 years ago Run Croatia was just a passion idea born out of love for running. Today after professionally organizing more than 30 race events, we can proudly say that we have transformed an idea into a national project dedicated to promoting Croatian cities and its beautiful nature worldwide. Through the positive energy of running we aim to enhance economic benefits regionally 365 days a year. Simultaneously, we are passionate about raising health and wellbeing awareness – hoping to build a better and healthier society for the future generations.

The Run-friendly platform is a logical next step emphasizing the benefits for active people under one umbrella.

Our Run Friendly platform in Croatia includes:

  • Professional race event organisation and management
  • Run-friendly Hotels
  • Run-friendly Tourist Agency
  • Run-friendly Clinics
  • Run-friendly Carrier
  • Run-friendly Employer
  • Digital Community Platform – Web, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
  • Mobile app – Glook.me– Users earn go:coins by moving (walking, running, cycling)

Certify your business

Our certification program can help you with positioning your company on the market of health, well-being and sports tourism in a consistent way.

Work with us:

Ul. Izidora Kršnjavog 1, The Westin Hotel, HR-10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Mobile: +385 91 443 0007

Email contacts:


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