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Kulić & Sperk

Our Company has always strived for improvement. But when we say ‘our Company’, we think about each member that shares the same passion for achieving higher goals. To make sure these goals are achievable it’s necessary to have resources. This is why we try to offer the best possible working conditions for our employees thus supporting them on their journey of professional and personal development.

By having a RunFriendly Plus certificate we know our Company is running in the right direction. We’re proud to have met all the required conditions and to have received the certificate but this is not where this story ends for us. We believe that our desire for the aforenentioned progress, combined with a little of help from RunCroatia will soon make us a RunFriendly Premium partner!

Runfriendly Employer information

Kulić & Sperk
Radnička cesta 52
10000 Zagreb