Run friendly clinic

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Who are Run Friendly Clinics?

Run Friendly Clinics are medical institutions that welcome Run Friendly Employers by making sure their employees are healthy and have available monthly / yearly check ups depending on their needs.

Moreover, not only do Run Friendly Clinics recognize the importance of being active and living a healthy lifestyle, however also motivating their staff to engage in various sporting events and realizing the benefits of being active.

As a Run Friendly Clinic, your goal is to tend to your patients needs to become a better athlete and a healthier person. In addition, to ensure detailed check ups that will manage to treat (mostly) sporting injuries, to advise patients on other healthy approaches and most of all to become part of a community that values active lifestyle.

The Bagatin Clinic symbolizes an active promotion of Croatian health tourism throughout the world. Because of that I am honored that Bagatin Clinic joined the Run Croatia platform with two certificates.

As a Run Friendly Employer, Bagatin Clinic will in a consistent way position their company as a healthy lifestyle oriented company and with a Run Friendly Clinic certificate, Bagatin Clinic is the first Run Friendly Clinic in the world which completely understand the needs of the healthy lifestyle community.

– Berislav Sokač (founder of Run Croatia)