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Who are Run Friendly Employers?

Run Friendly Employers are companies that encourage and allow their employees to create and manage a healthy lifestyle at work.
Moreover, companies that take care and nourish their employees by giving them possibilities to become physically active, to eat healthier and to create a constructive work atmosphere.

As a Run Friendly Employer, your goal is to have motivated and productive employees. It has been scientifically proven that active employees through routine training develop a higher quality focus, are more dedicated and more focused on their career than non-active employees.

Certify your company with us and enjoy the benefits of becoming a partner in our growing Run-friendly network!

“Our company encourages employees in all fields as well as in their sports achievements, and the recognition coming with the Run-friendly certificate proves that employees have also recognized the benefits of participating in the sports activities that their company provides.“

No matter how advanced the technology might become, one thing never changes: Behind the exceptional technology, there are always great people. People are the beginning and the end of every solution. The brains and the power behind platforms, behinds apps, behind artificial intelligence. The company who builds it’s strength on, understands and invests in people, is the company that will thrive._


“Leaders attract leaders! We are proud that we have on Run Croatia‘s Run Friendly platform a new Run Friendly Employer; yesterday Davorin Capa Co-Owner and CEO of Neos, a company that is awarded as the best Oracle Partner in South and South East Europe in 2018, received our certificate. We know that everything happens for a reason, we learn every day to never give up and that’s the reason why we are growing together with leading companies in the region.” Berislav Sokač, founder of Run Croatia


Our Company has always strived for improvement. But when we say ‘our Company’, we think about each member that shares the same passion for achieving higher goals. To make sure these goals are achievable it’s necessary to have resources. This is why we try to offer the best possible working conditions for our employees thus supporting them on their journey of professional and personal development.