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Who are Run Friendly Hotels?

Run Friendly Hotels are locations that welcome athletes and guests who have an active lifestyle. They support the healthy lifestyle community and provide numerous amounts of activities to ensure that their guests will have an unforgettable stay at their hotel.

Run Friendly Hotels provide ‘running kits’ which include dry fit t-shirts, maps of run friendly routes, energy bars and energy drinks. In a Run Friendly room one can also find fruits and healthy drinks in the minibar.

The Westin Zagreb is certified as the 1 st Run Friendly City hotel in Croatia and has been already recognized among the runners’ community as a base for the popular Zagreb Advent Run charity race, where more than 3000 costumed runners and walkers participate from over 30 countries.

  • Basic route – athletic track

  • Medium route – 7 km – The romantic green route

  • Basic route – 3 km – The Green Horseshoe

  • Basic route – 4 km – the vibrant Zagreb

  • Medium route – 12 km – Zagreb Bridges Track

  • Basic route – 6 km – Zagreb Advent run

Lifeclass Terme Sveti Martin has been certified as the 1st Run Friendly Hotel in Croatia since July 2018. The renown Spa Hotel offers many opportunities for recreational and professional athletes such as running, cycling, basketball, tennis, volleyball, soccer and even an outdoor bowling.
  • Basic route – 1,8 km

  • Flat out route – 4 km

  • Trail route – 3 km

  • Challenge route – 5,5 km

  • Panorama route – 6,5 km

  • Mura route – 14 km


Vitality Hotel Punta has been certified as the Run Friendly Hotel since 2018. Adjacent to the town of Veli Lošinj you’ll find hotel Punta, a space that perfectly embodies what the island of Lošinj is all about – vitality! Their experts will design your personalized training in three phases (swimming, cycling, running), to make you feel like a true triathlete. The training can be indoor (in a gym and a pool) or outdoor in nature, for an authentic triathlon experience (in the sea and on the coastal trails). You can choose from a variety of complimentary group activities that take place daily in hotel Fitness Zone. Whether they are exercises targeted at strengthening the core or toning the muscles, breathing and stretching or outdoor running, we promise you’ll get your heart racing.

  • Veli Lošinj – 2 km

  • Rovenska Bay – 3 km

  • Valdarke Bay – 5 km

  • Hidden bay – 6,5 km

  • The Apoxyomenos – 10 km

  • The end of the island – 24 km

Due to its microclimatic peculiarity, the island of Krk is an ideal place for sports activities in the clean air containing aerosols enriched with aromatic and beneficial effects of the Mediterranean flora. Staying on the island and at the Run friendly Hotel Malin makes an ideal package of experiences for runners of all levels, but also for all other guests who want an active experience of Krk as an island of vitality and a unique destination in the Mediterranean.
  • Route 1 – Healing Circle (1.5 km)

  • Route 2 – Marina Run (3 km)

  • Route 3 – Lungo Mare Run (4.5 km)

  • Route 4 – Vantačići (5.5 km)

  • Route 5 – Rajska cesta (8 km)

  • Route 6 – Fumak (11 km)