Our Run Friendly network

Run Friendly Hotels are locations that welcome athletes and guests who have an active lifestyle. They support the healthy lifestyle community and provide numerous amounts of activities to ensure that their guests will have an unforgettable stay at their hotel. 

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Run Friendly Employers are companies that encourage and allow their employees to create and manage a healthy lifestyle at work. Moreover, companies that take care and nourish their employees by giving them possibilities to become physically active, to eat healthier and to create a constructive work atmosphere.

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Run Friendly Clinics are medical institutions that welcome Run Friendly Employers by making sure their employees are healthy and have available monthly / yearly check ups depending on their needs.

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Run Friendly Place is any location that welcomes athletes and guests who believe in living healthy and have an active lifestyle. This location can be a coffee shop, a restaurant or even a library. Runners, cyclists or any other athletes are more than welcome to come for a pit stop and refresh themselves.



What do we offer?

We are committed to support your goals in becoming a healthier you – at your home, in your office or while you’re traveling!

Certified ‚Run-friendly‘ partners offer a wide range of healthy oriented services:

✓ Running route information

✓ Well-being and training facilities

✓ Renting gear and gadgets

✓ Healthy & nutritious food

✓ Education

Certified ‚Run-friendly‘ members are spearheading in the area of transformational health offer, which results in better lifestyle and increased personal satisfaction of their customers and employees. Our certification program can help you with positioning your company on the market of health, well-being and sports tourism in a consistent way. As a ‚Run-friendly‘ employer you are recognized for your sound management and for caring about your employees’ performance and their motivation.


  • Be recognized as a promoter of healthy lifestyle values in the fast growing market
  • Get our professional consulting support and marketing services
  • Be part of the growing network whose members follow industry trends and love to share their knowledge and experience

If you want to be a part of a growing Run-friendly network contact us today at sven.veronek@runcroatia.hr

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