Bagatin Clinic

The Bagatin Clinic symbolizes an active promotion of Croatian health tourism throughout the world. Because of that I am honored that Bagatin Clinic joined the Run Croatia platform with two certificates.

As a Run Friendly Employer Bagatin Clinic will in a consistent way position their company as a healthy lifestyle oriented company and with a Run Friendly Clinic certificate, Bagatin is the first Run Friendly Clinic in the world which completely understand the needs of the healthy lifestyle community.

Running is not running, but a movement and a way of life – this is also promoted by Bagatin Clinic, which became first clinic in the world certified as Run Friendly Clinic!

Successful certification requires much more than just running, so Bagatin Clinic fulfilled a number of criteria required to obtain the title Run Friendly Clinic and joined the selected group of ambassadors of running and healthy living.

Bagatin Clinic is actively promoting a healthy lifestyle, paying attention to healthy eating, sports and reducing stress in the workplace. Every location has fresh fruit and blenders available to make smoothies. Nutritionist Tea is available to all employees, to annualy plan their diet and body shaping treatments. Employee runners regularly participate in Run Croatia races, where they entertain, strengthen teamwork, continually improve and practice leadership – some of the core values of Bagatin Clinic.

In addition to body care, with an in-house expert psychologist, the Clinic is nurturing mental health through the so-called #PsychoTuesday activities. Activities include an hour of group exercises and tips to maintain psychological well-being in everyday life. It is about increasing self-esteem, regulating unpleasant emotions, and developing assertive behavior and communication.

Caring for beauty and health, both mentally and physically, with the encouragement of active engagement with sports activities and proper nutrition, are the cornerstones of long-term care for the employees of Bagatin Clinic, which was declared among TOP5 Croatian employers this year on the portal

Run Friendly Clinic information

Poliklinika Bagatin
Ul. grada Vukovara 269A
10000 Zagreb