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What is a Run Friendly Place?

Run Friendly Place is any location that welcomes athletes and guests who believe in living healthy and have an active lifestyle. This location can be a coffee shop, a restaurant or even a library. Runners, cyclists or any other athletes are more than welcome to come for a pit stop and refresh themselves.

These locations can also serve healthy snacks and meal and drinks. In addition, most locations have organized seminars concerning various health and sport related topics.

“You don’t usually associate a coffee bar and restaurant with a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits. Well, that’s why!!! When we got a chance to become a part of the Run Friendly community, we jumped on it very quick. We are obsessed with the urban environment and our possibilities to navigate it and make it more fun and healthier than you expect it to be. After all, we like to burn our carbs. Not oil. Simply, keep your rubber side down and have fun when going around. And, don’t forget to share the road.“