You don’t usually associate a coffee bar and restaurant with a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits. Well, that’s why!!! When we got a chance to become a part of the Run Friendly community, we jumped on it very quick. We are obsessed with the urban environment and our possibilities to navigate it and make it more fun and healthier than you expect it to be. After all, we like to burn our carbs. Not oil. Simply, keep your rubber side down and have fun when going around. And, don’t forget to share the road.

Diner with a special twist, a bike shop in a different way, coffee and some uber cool memorabilia… unique urban space in its creation. Join us in our efforts to find how much food can really be simple, is coffee really that important in our daily routine, why it is important to have your morning workout followed by nutritious breakfast, is bicycle really a part of our urban surroundings and how much do small things really add up in living your lives happy.

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10000 Zagreb