Marathon, as a next step in life!

Azzaro is a team leader at Undabot, where on a daily basis works on IOS mobile applications and leads a team that works with the most complex applications in the region. When he is not at work, almost all of his free time, Azzaro spends doing physical activities and focuses on obtaining a healthy lifestyle. Read below his opinion about his attitude and the motivation he finds while successfully balancing his professional and private obligations.

What is running? Everyone immediately thinks an athletic activity however, in this article I will try to show that even though it’s a simple word, it can also have a much deeper meaning for individuals just like me.

I have always been in sports and open to new challenges. Handball, tennis, skiing, swimming, soccer however, I never liked running. Running was too boring and monotone for me, without any challenges and lacking team spirit. Just like doing something without any purpose or goal. In short, I was wrong.

While hanging out with friends, my brother asked if I would run a marathon with him, I replied: ” Anyone can do that, but who would want to run 42 km ” – everybody laughed. We realized there was no need to waste time and continued to talk about other topics. However, I thought about my response and realized that I don’t want to be like the majority of people who are too lazy, have the perfect excuses and constantly live inside their ” comfort zones “.

So, I decided I would run a marathon and there is no way I wouldn’t succeed in achieving my goal. I might sound very confident, to some even arrogant but not everybody knows what stands behind each accomplishment in an individual’s life. They don’t know that the key is to be persistent in small day to day responsibilities and having an excessive amount of will and consistency in succeeding your goals.

Running has never been my sport and because of that running a marathon was a huge personal challenge for me. The road to succeeding my goal wasn’t easy at all. I knew that this type of sport wasn’t my strong side however, once I ran my first half marathon and then my second and then my first marathon and second (which I ran under 4 hours), I knew that this was the start of something new. I felt that I could succeed in anything I put my mind into and for this reason my achieved goal helped me in other very important things in my life.

Nothing comes overnight and running a marathon has given me a huge amount of physical and mental endurance. It has taught me to never give up, that boundaries are just an illusion and that I can always be a winner if I really wanted to and then I always remember: If I could run a marathon, with small steps I can accomplish anything, or better said with small steps I could reach all my personal ‘marathons’ privately and professionally. The point is not to achieve one big thing, yet everything lies in consistently achieving and doing the small things.

Many will ask themselves whether it’s really necessary to give up so much to achieve these types of goals. How can you with work and private obligations separate enough time and focus for running? How to persuade yourself after a stressful and tiring day to go workout or run. Most probably it is crucial to sacrifice certain segments of life such as having coffee with friends, going out, watching T.V. and similar. In my perspective, I don’t sacrifice anything. Having constant discipline and training is something that fulfills me. Achieving my goals and constantly pushing my limits is something that makes me happy. That is my base, that’s my priority.

In the end I would like to conclude if I was able to successfully run a marathon, you can too. Yes, you who is currently reading my article. If one person achieved this goal, then everyone can achieve it and any other goal we put our mind to. Exactly this attitude and mindset allowed me to successfully run a marathon.

Azzaro Mujić

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