Kulić & Sperk – Our B2B Run experience

Our recent participation in the B2B race has been an extremely positive experience for us. Our primary motive for this race was not the placement but the team spirit – and we made it!

Members within our team are at different levels of fitness – some of them have been actively involved in sports for many years, whilst in other individuals this intensity is much lower, which made this race a great challenge for them. With pre-race joint training and mutual support at the race, all our employees ended up as winners. Some shifted their boundaries, defeating themselves, whilst others triumphed in motivator roles.

The diversity of character that our team has shown in this race confirms that, as in the business world, the richness of diversity is what enables the development of each individual as well as the team as a whole regardless of environment.

So we keep pushing our limits, eagerly awaiting the Zagreb Advent Run race!

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